You name the university. I'll get you in!





GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, GRE Test Preparation

Vital First Steps To Take Before Studying

  1. Choose a portfolio of 4-6 colleges to make sure that at least one of them will accept you (the admission process is somewhat subjective even if you have the best application profile)
  2. Check the respective college websites for application requirements (tests required, minimum test scores required, test score submission deadlines, tuition and living expenses, application essays/reference letters/transcripts/Grade Point Average/work experience required)
  3. Check your potential financial resources to ensure that your educational goals can be properly financed
  4. Register for the required tests as soon as possible (ASAP)! (it is common that test dates are overbooked as the application deadline approaches)
  5. Select your test preparation books ASAP (ask for help from a qualified trainer if needed)!
  6. Order your test preparation books ASAP! (most of these books must be ordered from an online webstore such as, and the delivery may take several weeks), AND until your books arrive ....
  7. Search for alternative means of financing, such as scholarships, loans, work-study programs, etc. (ask for help from a qualified trainer if needed)!
  8.  Search for the minimum test score and essay requirement of the above alternative means of financing (ask for help from a qualifed trainer if needed)!
  9. Search for a qualifed trainer to make your test preaparation and college application process more efficient!