The story of "the story"

You must know the name of the famous Danish writer, Hans Christian Andersen! Do you think there is anyone in the world, adult or child, who doesn’t know “the Brave Tin Soldier” and his love, the beautiful ballerina? And the “Snow Queen” and little Gerda? Generations read the story of “The Little Match-Seller” and the “Little Mermaid”! The story of “The Emperor’s New Suit” is unforgettable as well.
All over the world, several productions based on the fairy tales of H.C. Andersen have been performed, but it is unique that all of these wonderful figures are playing parts in a story whose hero is the writer himself, H.C. Andersen…
The book from the Hungarian author, Ágnes Balázs, - “Andersen, or the Fairy Tale of the Fairy Tales” - was published in 2003 in Hungary. The ballet “Andersen’s World” is based on this novel. The musical version of the story - “Andersen” - was performed in 2004. The script, lyrics and music were written and composed by the author. The musical was staged 4 times in 3 years in different theatres in Hungary and it is still on the repertoire of the Hungarian Theater in Budapest. It has been performed abroad as well, in Romania.
The 200th anniversary of Andersen’s birth brought the breakthrough - towards the stage of the Mainfranken Theater in Würzburg, where a ballet version of “Andersen” was performed. Anna Vita, the theater’s ballet director - directed a brand new version of the original story called “Andersens World” using the fabulous music of Erik Satie.
The critics wrote the following after the first night:

…”children and adults alike watched the “Andersen’s World” fairy ballet enchanted from the very beginning …” Main-Echo, 25 November 2005

“…the adults and children watching the Christmas story of “Andersen’s World”, became the part of a miracle. The fabulous fairy ballet, which is based on the novel of Ágnes Balázs, was a great success on the first night in the Mainfranken Theater in Würzburg…”

“…The sixty minutes of the show was full of action and the theatrical atmosphere was full of tension…”
Mainpost and Volksblatt, 22 November 2005

The next performances of “Andersen’s world” took place on the stages of the German Opera on the Rhine (Duisburg and Düsseldorf) in 2008. In Duisburg and Düsseldorf an expanded dance company and a full orchestra contributed to the work of the director and the dancers.
“Andersen’s world”, as the critics said, is a real Christmas story. A story that speaks to the very soul of adults and children! The ballet is full of Andersen’s melancholy, and full of his wisdom and humour, his love and faith. It’s a real theatrical experience that can entertain the whole family, from children to grandparents.

The novel and artistic workes based on the original story - SUMMARY

ANDERSEN or The Fairy Tale of Fairy Tales

Novel for adults and children

MÓRA KIADÓ (MÓRA Publishing House), Budapest 2009

HOLNAP Kiadó (HOLNAP Publishing House), Budapest 2003

Musical play for adults and children

- Hungarian Theater,Budapest (2004 - up to now)
- National Theater, Szeged (2004 -2005)
- Jókai Színház, Békéscsaba (2005)
- Vörösmarty Theater, Székesfehérvár (2006-2007)
- Tomcsa Sándor Theater; Székelyudvarhely - Romania

Filmscenario and TV- film based on the musical version(2006)

Balett (Andersens World - based on the novel)

- Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Duisburg and Düsseldorf (2008) - Germany
- Mainfranker Theater, Würzburg (2005) - Germany


Every adult and every child all over the world knows the name of H. C. Andersen, and we all know at least one story that was originally penned by the great Danish story-teller. His philosophical tales and romantic stories have a place in our hearts, yet few people realise that Andersen´s life itself was also a wonderful fairy tale.

Born in the poor little Danish town of Odense, his life was fraught with numerous vicissitudinous adventures before he became one of the best-known writers in the world. He wanted to be world-famous and aimed to gain popularity first as an actor, then as a playwright. But success finally came from a corner he himself had hardly expected. It was his fairy tales that brought him immortality while his other works have faded.

The „ANDERSEN or The Fairy Tale of Fairy Tales” condense the fateful years of Andersen´s life into a single year. It is a fictional story, the product of literary fantasy, which seeks an answer to the question of why the celebrated author published his fairy tales, in other words: what is the story of the stories?

The play focuses on a little orphan girl, Gerda, who finds her way to Andersen´s meagre basement flat by accident. The girl, together with Andersen´s fairy-tale characters, the Tin Soldier, the Ballerina, Sophie the rag doll and the elf Ole – who all come to life – turn the author´s life upside down. Gerda accepts a strange mission: she has to embrace the Snow Queen in order to melt the ice that encases people´s hearts, to herald a happier, more loving world for all. Andersen meets Miss Lina, a young would-be actress, and is smitten with love. Where does the fairy-tale begin, where does reality end? Nobody knows; the story flows unstoppably towards fulfilment of the little girl´s mission, the parting of lovers and the fateful publication and frenetic success of Andersen´s fairy tales.

It seems as if the „ANDERSEN or The Fairy Tale of Fairy Tales” were itself one of Andersen´s stories: it makes us laugh and it makes us cry, it makes us think and it gives us faith:

if there is love in your heart, you shall be invincible, forever!

(Ágnes Balázs)